What are sub-accounts?
Sub-accounts are accounts Resellers can set up in their account for individual customers (either resellers or retail), or to manage different categories of domain names. This is especially beneficial to clients who own large quantities of domains and want to be able to access and manage them more efficiently.

How do I setup a sub-account? Do I need to enter credit card information?
Log into your reseller account and select the RESELLERS menu option, then select SUB ACCOUNTS, and CREATE. You will need to enter contact information, a LOGIN name and password information. You do NOT need to enter any credit card data. Your customers can enter this later if they decide to make any purchases.

How do I establish pricing for sub-accounts?
Go to the Sub-account main page, click "list/manage", click on the log-in name of the sub-account, change pricing accordingly.

How do I convert a sub-account to a reseller status?
Go to the Sub-account main page, click "list/manage", click on the log-in name of the sub-account, make the change.

Can I set the pricing for .tv and .cc names?
Yes, you can now edit the price of any TLD we offer.

How can I see what sub-accounts I have and what prices they are paying?
Go to the Sub-account main page, click "list/manage", click on the log-in name you want to look at.

How does the client access their sub-account?
They go to www.enom.com and log into their account with their LOGIN name and their password. They have access to all domain name services and eNom features that you have.

How do sub-accounts pay for registrations?
If the account has a reseller status, they will fund their account by using the REFILL ACCT menu option. They will charge their card and the amount is added to their account balance. If the account has a retail status, each transaction will be charged to the credit card they have on file in the account.

What control do I have over sub-accounts?
You have full control over sub-accounts unless you give the login ID and password to someone who later changes that password (the person the sub-account belongs to, for example). In this case, you can still view domains and transactions in the sub-account. You can now log-in into sub-accounts and do limited things. Also, from your account you can also go to the "my domains" section, list sub-account domains and manage them if need be.

Can I move a domain name back and forth between sub-accounts and my main account?
You can move (or PUSH) a domain into any sub-account. To push a domain name back to your main account, you need to have full control of that sub-account. To push domain names between sub-accounts you need to know the login ID of both sub accounts. When you push a domain to a different account, all existing contact data for that domain is replaced by the information in the new account.

What is a "Commission Account"?
A commission account is a separate account where we deposit commission for transactions occurring through RegistryRocket and sub-account sales. This account is also used to deduct credit card transaction fees where applicable.

Where do I access the funds in my "Commission Account"?
You can access your commission account balances in the "sub-account" section of our website.

Are there any fees deducted from my commission on sub-account sales, and when is the commission available?
Retail Sub Accounts: Retail sub accounts cannot use the reseller features such as the API, RegistryRocket or create sub accounts. All charges to your retail sub account credit cards are delayed by 2-3 business days and will not appear in your transaction history or commission balances until that time. A 95 cent processing fee per transaction, and 3% of your sales price will be deducted from your commission. There is a 90-day hold on your commissions,
Reseller Sub Accounts: Your reseller sub accounts must refill their accounts in order to make a purchase. The order transaction and commission will be added to your account right away. Your commission will be available after the 90 days hold.

Why is there a 90 Day hold on all commissions?
eNom added the 90 day hold policy in order to reduce fraud.

What currency is the commission check using?
All checks are issued in U.S. Dollars. We are unable to send funds via wire transfer at this time.

How do I get funds out of my "Available Commission Account"?
Log into your Reseller account. Select RESELLERS from the menu, and then click on SUB-ACCOUNTS. From there, click the "Access your Commission Account" link. You will have the option to either transfer funds from your "Available Commission" to your main account, or have a check mailed to you. Please note, all checks are issued in U.S. Dollars. We are unable to send funds via wire transfer at this time.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the eNom® Support Center.