What is RegistryRocket?
RegistryRocket is a customizable e-commerce web page. It is designed as a tool for you to sell domain names. You give your site a name, upload a logo (or not), and set the pricing. We take care of the website hosting, merchant processing and other eNom services.
Track sales and watch your account balance grow in your eNom reseller account. Whether this is your permanent e-commerce solution for domain name sales, or an interim option until you have your own merchant account established, RegistryRocket works.

Does eNom provide the software for domain registration through my website?
There is no software to download, no integration with credit card services and no setup involved. Just go to the eNom website, login to your eNom reseller account, sign up for RegistryRocket and start selling domain names right away. It's that simple.

I don't have a website, can I still use RegistryRocket?
Absolutely. We create and host the registration website for you. Once you enroll with RegistryRocket, we send you a link via email that goes to your customized site. If you already have a website, simply add this link to it. If not, include the link in an email or other advertisement to send clients to your RegistryRocket site. Use it for every fresh marketing idea you have.

How much do I charge?
You determine the rate you want to charge, and enter it when you sign up. Want to charge different prices in different markets? Go for it! Just sign up for an additional RegistryRocket link at a new price. Keeping track of sales is easy, find all your transactions from all your links in your eNom reseller account.

Can I have more than one RegistryRocket account?
Yes. Set up a different RegistryRocket link for every website, company name, or idea you have. Set up a new link for every price point and every new promotion you think of. Use the power and flexibility of this tool to squeeze every dollar out of every domain name idea you get. Use it to get big, fast.

What is the cost?
Enrolling with RegistryRocket is free. The fee for merchant services is 95 cents plus 3% of each transaction. You decide what price to charge for domain names over your cost.

How do I get money out of my eNom reseller account?
After the 90-day charge back window is closed, your available commission balance is increased. (Menu items Reseller/Sub Account/Access Commission). You have the ability to move this money to your account balance, or have a check issued.
Please note, all checks are issued in U.S. Dollars. We are unable to send funds via wire transfer at this time.

Where do I sign up?
If you are already an eNom reseller, click here, follow the instructions to get started.
If you are not an eNom reseller yet, please email us to become one: sales@enom.com

Where can I read the Registry Rocket "Terms"? Click here.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at sales@enom.com.