How do I get to the page to change the name servers for my domain name?
This page is called the "Domain Control Panel". Click the gold menu item "Domain Names", bellow in the blue menu, click the menu item called "My Domains". This will bring up a list of all your domain names. Click the domain name you want to edit, and there you are.

Can I use other name servers besides those supplied by eNom?
Yes, you can use any name servers that you like, as long as that server is already known to VeriSign Global Registry:

When I try to change my name servers, there is an error, why is this?
The name of the name servers might not be registered at the registry.

How do I get to the page to modify or alter my domain information?
You click on the domain name itself (if it is in our name servers, it is a clickable link).

How can I look at the actual zone file for my domain name if I use eNom's domain name server (DNS) services?
This information is in the "Domain Control Panel" of the domain name you want to check. The box titled DNS Settings (zone file) will show you this info. You can also check the live "real-time" info by clicking the "DNS look-up" button.

Can I have my NameServers registered?
Yes, you can now register your own NameServer at eNom. The domain name associated with the new NameServer needs to be registered to you at eNom.
Just go to the link called "register DNS" under the domain names menu. This page will allow you to register as many NameServers as you want.
  • The first section allows you to register a NameServer.
    1. Enter the name you want to register
    2. The names will need to start by either "NS" or "DNS" (i.e. or
    3. Next, enter the IP address of the NameServer
    4. The IP address needs to be a static IP (NO dynamic IP addresses will work).

  • The second section allows you to check the status of your registration
    1. Just type in the Name or IP address of the NameServer you are registering.
I have my name registered at another registrar, and I am using eNom to "host" my domain in the eNom DNS. What do I need to do at my current registrar to get this to work?
You must input ALL 5 of the eNom DNS into your current registrars configuration files.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the eNom® Support Center.