Email FAQs

You should to set up your username and password for the email inbox you just purchased by following the below steps:

  • Go to the enom email manager page
  • Enter the username for your email address, for example: and create a password.
  • Once your username (email address) is created, you can check your email directly from your enom email manager page or you can login to and enter your full email address and password.

Now you can start sending emails to

  • Webmail: use any web browser to go to and then enter your email address and password.
  • Email client: configure your email client in your computer, laptop, phone or tablet to access your email.
  • Enom Email Manager: access email manager.

You can use a variety of email clients in your computer, laptop, phone or tablet. You will need to know the below settings in order to set up your email client:

  • Your username: your full email address (i.e. )
  • Your password: the password you use to login to your email account.
  • Incoming Email server: you can choose POP or IMAP (you shouldn't use both)
    • POP server:, incoming Port: 110
    • o IMAP server:, incoming Port: 143.
  • Outgoing email server:
    • SMTP Server:, outgoing Port: 587 (if Port 587 doesn't work try Port 25).
    • SMTP Authentication: in some cases clients you will need to enable SMTP Authentication. If that is the case, then enter your username ( and your email password.

You can continue to use your preferred personal email by using email forwarding:

  • Login to your account and go to the Email Manager page.
  • Click in your Email Inbox (or user) or your domain and go to the Forwarding Tab (section).
  • You can choose to forward all your current email addresses to one email by using the *catch all row or you can select an individual email address (or username).
  • Click on the "Save All" button to save your new Forwarding settings.

Go to enom Email Manager and select the username you want to delete:

delete an email

Keep in mind that once you delete a username, you also delete all the emails, contacts and calendar appointments associated with this username.

We currently only offer yearly subscriptions for our email service, therefore you will be billed in a yearly basis.

Yes, you can. You will have to change some DNS settings on your end.

You can always add more email addresses to your account by selecting additional plans. The price will be pro-rated to sync with the expiration date of you original eNom Email purchase. For example, if you purchase additional email accounts one month after your original purchase, the price will be pro-rated for 11 months of service.

If you are a reseller using our API, you can purchase any number of email addresses. However, your prices will not be pro-rated at this time. Instead a new bundle (order) will be created for your purchase.