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Benefits of DreamObjects

Backup Your Digital LIfe

Easily save a copy of your photos, movies, music, email, and other important files in the cloud for safe keeping. Easily upload your files with a compatible file transfer client.

Flexibility for App Developers

Quickly setup and manage DreamObjects via a restful API that is compatible with Amazon S3 and Swift.

Scalable to Meet Your Needs

Readily expands to meet your requirements without having to configure or provision extra storage capacity.

Your Files and Data are Protected

Instantly replicates and distributes your data across DreamHost’s data center infrastructure.

Compare & Save!

DreamObjects by DreamHost Competitor #1 Competitor #2
Storage 5¢ GB 9.5¢ GB 9¢ GB
Data Out 5¢ GB 12¢ GB 12¢ GB
Data Transfer In FREE! free free
API Requests UNLIMITED & FREE! 1¢ per 1,000 1¢ per 10,000

More About DreamObjects

DreamObjects is a highly scalable, resilient, and cost-effective cloud storage service with virtually limitless capacity to meet your needs. Whether you fancy yourself an Internet entrepreneur, a developer of Web applications, or a weekend Web warrior, you'll find ready uses including:

  • Application storage
  • Web site backup
  • Content storage
  • Disaster recovery
  • Persistent personal backup
    of photos and videos

Take a quick tour of DreamObjects with the DreamHost team to learn more about what DreamObjects is and the many different ways it can work for you!