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Why .SHOW ?

Television, theatre, events, programs, and exhibitions are all called “shows,” and as such, are all a part of the .SHOW realm. .SHOW offers a market-specific TLD perfect for promoting new shows, releasing press materials, calling for new participants, finding sponsors, and releasing dates. Using a targeted TLD, like .SHOW, helps to increase Web visibility by allowing potential visitors to glean what information may be on a site before clicking through, making this TLD a perfect tool for increasing marketing potential.

.SHOW Launch Phases

Phase Open Dates Application Fee Registration Fee
Sunrise 5/19/2015 - 7/18/2015 $98.00 $34.99
Pre-registration 5/19/2015 - 7/29/2015 $12.00 $34.99
General Availability 7/29/2015 $34.99