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For the online world, there may be no new TLD more fitting than .ONLINE, because it offers a broadly defined, generic term for open registration. .ONLINE is perfect for any brick and mortar store trying to establish an online presence – yourstore.ONLINE, for example – or for any publication, band, artist, or writer that offers a print product as well as an online version. .ONLINE isn’t restricted to these examples, however, and can be used by any individual or organization for any reason.

.ONLINE Launch Phases

Phase Open Dates Application Fee Registration Fee
Sunrise 6/30/2015 - 8/17/2015 $170.00 $60.00
Pre-registration 6/30/2015 - 8/26/2015 $12.00 $51.99
General Availability 8/26/2015 $51.99