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Why .CAFE ?

Starting a café is a high-risk endeavors, and one of the reasons successful cafés make it is because they know how to promote and advertise, creating a network of regulars. Having a website, social media presence, and online photos and tours can help bring in new customers, keep regular customers coming back, and promote special events. With a .CAFE domain extension, coffee houses have a new marketable TLD that hooks right into the target coffeehouse demographic and helps accomplish these goals.

.CAFE Launch Phases

Phase Open Dates Application Fee Registration Fee
Sunrise 5/5/2015 - 7/4/2015 $98.00 $34.99
Pre-registration 5/5/2015 - 7/15/2015 $12.00 $34.99
General Availability 7/15/2015 $34.99